Helping people paint their lives with there choice of colors .....Namaste dear ones

Holistic Healing Through the Light

Through the Prism of Your Own Light is happy to welcome all to my family of light. My goal is and always has been to help people paint their lives with their own unique colors and choices with a little guidance as needed. You can take advantage of my services all over Arizona. I also travel to events that are not based locally.

My Services

I offer many different types of services to fit your needs, including but are not limited to:

  • Psychic Readings (Love, Goals, Job, Future, Past, Present, etc.)
  • Healing Sessions (Reiki, Shamanic, Light Work, etc.)
  • Oracle Readings (Channeling Higher Dimensional Beings)
  • Mediumship Readings 
  • Aura scanning and reading sensations with health analysis 
  • Animal and Plant Communication
  • In home pet sitter certified by
  • Crystal Intention Programming
  • Live gem shows 
  • Healing-Infused Handmade Jewelry
  • Custom, Allergy-Safe Culinary and Baked Good Orders
  • Teaching and Mentorship (Individually and in Group Classes
  • Guidance and Healing for Adults and Children With Special Needs
  • Alter pieces and other magic tools 
  • Custom wood boxes for keepsake or alter ritual
  • Magic tools for personal use or healing with clients 
  • travel kits for healing/Medicence bags
  • In-Home Appointments 
  • Skype Appointments
  • Over Marco Polo Appointments
  • Distance coaching and session Appointments
  • Over phone sessions Appointments 
  • Special Events, Fairs, and Expos
  • Trained and Works With Service Dogs
  • Reiki Master Level Degree 
  •  Maunty-Ki Healing Modality
  • DNA Repair
  • In-Home Catering certified by bites (great for gifts and new moms )
  • Works With Animals and Zoo Animals
  • Works With Abuse Victims, PTSD, and Past Lives Abuse Victims
  • PTSD and Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Gift Baskets (custom to theme or needs)
  • Clothing line to come soon see store 
  • Gluten Free baked and vegan baked goods 
  • nail art design to come soon  
  • Make up line to come soon 

I strive to be affordable in my pricing and run specials and packages and am always ok with working with my clients when needed so reach out to me with all your needs and we can work something out ! Namaste, dear ones. I look forward to meeting you and co-create make magic together. 

Office Location

I Need A Angle in person office apt!

Contact (602) 510-1241 for appointments or send me an email through [email protected].